Jan 21, 2007

HACK the Windows XP Genuine Advantage Validation Check

Don't have an activation key and can't get your Windows XP to update?
This will solve your problem!
These are instructions on how to crack the latest version of Windows XP with Service Pack 2 that uses the registration key: JD3T2-QH36R-X7W2W-7R3XT-DVRPQ.
This will allow you to bypass the Microsoft Genuine Validation thingy
This method works better than many others I've tried before. Forget the cracks and injectors, etc. Those are constantly picked up by your anti-virus programs as viruses. This is the BEST WAY:
1) start > run > "regedit" (without the quotes of course)
2) go to the key:
...and double-click on it. Then change some of the value data to ANYTHING ELSE...delete some, add some letters, I don't care...just change it!
now close out regedit.
3) go to start > run > "%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a" (again, don't type the quotes)
4) the activation screen will come up, click on register over telephone, then click on CHANGE PRODUCT KEY, enter in this key: JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ.
Don't worry about anything else. just close out and your done.