Dec 22, 2008

Volcano erupts during thunderstorm

Dec 20, 2008

Celebrity morgue

From gruesome images of J.F.K. to Tupac on the autopsy table.
The Celebrity Morgue!

Disposable E-Mail Adresses

Ever need a disposable E-Mail address? Sure you have. You can Grab one HERE.

How to Set Up Xbox Live

Dec 4, 2008

I love this show!!!

Nov 26, 2008

Crack yahoo password...

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How to Hack a Windows XP Password Without any Programs

How To Hack A Windows XP Password Without Any Programs

...and i quote from thebroken. "Its been a few years but the crew has put down the bottle to drop some 1337 skillz on the community. Follow Kevin and double_d as they show off the latest in cell phone jamming and how to hack the Xbox 360 to create backups of all your games! Ramzi is back to squash DRM once and for all so he can listen to his music without restrictions with his beotches!"


How To Make Mountain Dew Glow

A Cool Way To Clean Your IPhone

Funny videos

Nov 25, 2008

Microsoft cleans fake antivirus tool from 994,061 PCs

What F**cking Idiots.
Read about it at

Google Chrome

I am kinda resistent on installing and trying out this browser. I mean really who needs another browser when we have Firefox.
For those interested here is an short video from Google.

Download Google Chrome!