Jan 21, 2007

Bypass Windows Vista Activation

Burn ISO from This Torrent
Reboot and set BIOS date to the year 2050.
Boot with the Vista DVD in drive.
Unplug internet.
When it asks you for the key leave the box blank and uncheck the box below.
Press next then press the No button.
Select Vista Ultimate and check the box below.
Press next and wait till it's installed.
It should reboot twice now.
When you get to the user account setup press SHIFT+F10
Type taskmgr
End process msoobe.exe
When you get to the login screen click the arrow and select restart.
When it get's to the screen where you select operating system press F8, select Safe Mode and press enter.
Right click on the taskbar and select properties.
Select Start Menu tab and click Customize.
Check the Run Command box.
Press OK and OK.
Open the start menu and click run...
Type compmgmt.msc
Double click System Tools.
Double click Local Users and Groups.
Double click Users.
Right click Administrator and select properties.
Uncheck the account disabled box.
Press OK and close the window.
Right click on the clock and select Adjust Date/Time.
Select the Internet Time tab.
Click Change Settings.
Uncheck the Synchronize box.
Press OK and OK again.
Restart and open the BIOS.
Change the date back to your current date.
Start Vista.
It should auto login you as Administrator if not click the account.
Open start menu and click Computer.
Press the ALT key and select Tools->Folder Options.
Set it to show all files.
Go to: C:\Windows\System32\oobe
and run msoobe.exe
Make your account and set time if needed.
Wait while it checks your computer.
Disable the Administrator account.
Once you have logged in switch your internet back on.
You can run the Welcome Center in the control panel and click More Information to check your activation status.
It should remain at 30day until it reaches the date you set in the BIOS + 1 day
Windows is now fully active and you can do what you like.
Have fun !

Follow these instructions EXACTLY as shown or it will not work.