Apr 28, 2007


Peerguardian use the blocklists hosted at bluetack.co.uk. The most used blocklist is the p2p one, and due to people downloading the lists many times a day, bluetack lost their main server (see here for more info). The result is that bluetack now (temporarily hopefully) host all of the lists EXCEPT the p2p list which is now hosted using a system called coral cache (see here for more info.)

What this means is that the p2p list is hosted using university networks. Consequently, what you should see when you try to update peerguardian's p2p list is blocks, blocking universities.

So, in order to update your p2p list you can do either of these things:

- try to update your p2p lists and observe the uni being blocked by peerguardian. Then TEMPORARILY allow that IP address (i.e. for 15 mins). Finally, try updating again and you should be all good.

- update to the new peerguardian beta. This update effectively does the same as above (i.e. it recognises the uni using coral cache and temporarily allows that IP so that you can update).