Feb 10, 2007

Quick Firefox tweak - free mem

1. Start Firefox (yeah, I know… duh.)
2. type “about:config” in the address bar and hit enter (don’t type the double-quotes)
3. type “config.trim_on_minimize” (again, not the double-quotes) into the Filter field. Odds are, you won’t have this preference but we should check first.
1. If you DO have the preference, make sure it is set to true
2. If you do NOT have the preference, add it
1. Right click anywhere in the preference list and select New -> Boolean
2. Preference name should be “config.trim_on_minimize”
3. Select true for the value
4. Close Firefox and then reopen it.
That should be all it takes. To verify you got it right, load up a few pages in a few tabs. Start up task manager or your platform’s monitoring tool of choice and see how much memory Firefox is using. Now, minimize Firefox. Check that memory usage again.