Jan 2, 2007

How to crack Windows Media Player DRM

  • Remove DRM header with software like FairUse4WM, Automate unDRM, DecryptIt (lossless conversion of DRM protected Windows Media files)

  • Record Windows Media audio and video files from Windows Media Player with software like SoundTaxi, freeTunes, Tunebite Platinum (lossless conversion with bigger files or lossy conversion)

  • FairUse4WM and Automate unDRM (drmdbg/drm2wmv) vs. Tunebite Platinum

    • FairUse4WM and Automate unDRM support only .wma, .asf, .wmv files, while Tunebite Platinum supports much more formats that can be played with Windows Media Player and iTunes (including .wma, .m4p, .aac, .m4b, .aa, .wmv, .m4v).

    • FairUse4WM and Automate unDRM are free, while Tunebite is not.

    • Tunebite is much slower. What takes minutes in Tunebite takes seconds with FairUse4WM or Automate unDRM.

    • Tunebite uses lossy conversion, while FairUse4WM and Automate unDRM retains the exact same quality of the original wma/wmv/asf file. FairUse4WM and Automate unDRM just removes the DRM header of a Windows Media file. When re-encoding media file you are likely to get artifacts. Usually it is not a big problem for audio files, but the quality of video files can deteriorate significantly (or you will get bigger files, still having lost some quality).

    • Automate unDRM is not an easy to set-up software. It may require a fresh installation of Windows XP. Automate unDRM doesn't work after applying some Windows updates and hotfixes. FairUse4WM is also not so easy to setup.